iSquared Coaching is a program that will coach you on how to find your purpose in life. Our program is individualized to assist you with your personal development journey, which is based on your Pre - Assessment. This one of a kind program is for any woman or young woman who needs support with self-esteem, conflict resolution, building relationships, communication, goal setting, time management, organization and more. iSquared coaching will help you follow your passion in life versus letting your passion follow you. Throughout the program, we work with you to identify your talents and non-talents and help you balance them. To get started today, please click the GET STARTED TODAY button.




Program Overview

Focus Areas

  • Time Management/Organization               

  • Self-Esteem/Confidence                           

  • Conflict Resolution                                  

  • Building Relationships                          

  • Effective Communication

  • 3 Month Vision Workbook                         

  • Pre and Post Assessment                       

  • Online Coaching Calls                            

  • 30 day 1 on 1 Check - Ins                            

  • Online Fit camps

Program Outcomes

  • Increased Self - Esteem         

  • Increased Self - Care                      

  • Improved Consistency              

  • Improved Relationships                

  • Improved Communication


iSquared Coaching

Austin, TX

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